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Cianna Walker


Cianna Walker is a staunch Gumbaynggirr and Yuin young woman based in Sydney, she is a practicing Musician, Activist, Community Service Worker, and studies a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Contemporary Music Practice at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Cianna is also a dedicated advocate for First Nations communities, driven by a deep passion to effect real change.

Cianna showcases her musical prowess and commitment to her craft. With a rich passion for performance and music production, she stands as a rising talent in the industry.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Cianna is a fervent activist, channeling her energy and determination into advocating for the rights and well-being of First Nations people. As an active member and leader in her community, she tirelessly works towards creating a better future, using her platform to raise awareness and drive meaningful change

Her unwavering dedication to her music career and commitment to social change make her a powerful force, inspiring others to join her in making a difference.

Cianna Walker

Bachelor of Music

Contemporary music practice



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