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Alexander Poirier


Alex is a 5th-year student in ethnomusicology at the Sydney Conservatorium, with a research focus on the relationships between language and music, and the history of music in Australia. He plays the 扬琴(yángqín) in the Conservatorium Chinese Orchestra, and is a tenor in the Conservatorium Choir. 

He incredibly passionate about showcasing cultural and social diversity in all his work, with a goal to reform the way that music is taught in NSW and broader Australia: to teach from a more global perspective that provides students with the skills to engage with all forms of music from all types of people. 

As a musical unionist, he is heavily involved with student representation and advocacy at the University of Sydney - as the President of the Conservatorium Students’ Association, Director on the University Union’s Board, and has held positions on the Students' Representative Council and School Board of the Conservatorium.

Alexander Poirier

Bachelor of Music




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