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Charlotte Gaal

Education Officer

Charlotte is a passionate music educator, and has been teaching the violin for the past three years to over 40 students, as well as conducting a few different string ensembles. She toured with the Barayagal Choir in 2023 to Lightnight Ridge, has conducted in the Verbrugghen Hall with the ConDuctors Workshop in 2023, and has worked with the NSW Regional Youth Orchestra in 2022.

She is the Undergraduate Representative for the Conservatorium to the University of Sydney Academic Board in 2024.

Charlotte was also the recepient of the Musica Viva Educere Award in 2023, presented by the Association at Con Ball: Firebird.

Her hobbies include going on beach days, sewing, watching live music, and getting coffee with friends.

Bachelor of Music Education

Classical violin performance



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