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The Treasury is part of the Secretariat, headed by the Treasurer, and is responsible for the Association's financial administration, to ensure proper management of funds — both applying for income streams and processing expenses.

The Treasurer keeps the Association's accounts and petty cash, processes payments to . They also prepare the acquittal and a report for the Annual General Meeting. 

Income for the Association comes from a few different streams, including club and society grants from the University of Sydney Union, satellite campus grants from the University of Sydney Sport and Fitness, a faculty grant from the Dean of the Conservatorium of Music, grants from the University of Sydney Office of Student Life, and with sales of our merchandise and tickets to events. 

These grants enable the Association to provide the services we do, includi. 


None of the Executive of the Association are paid — the entirety of our work is run by students volunteering their time. We also do not charge membership dues, since the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism in 2006, which has cut-down our annual budget significantly. 



  • To be responsible for a club or society’s accounts and petty cash, club cheque book(s), other bank and building society books, and giving out receipts on behalf of the club/society. The SRC Recommends going paperless and setting up online banking so no important information is lost in the post etc.

  • To oversee the management of any membership funds that are payable to the society.

  • To oversee the financial side of all club/society activities, such as social events and fundraising events.

  • To ensure prompt payment of all society-agreed expenditure.

  • To keep all records and accounts safely for the duration of office and to hand them over in their entirety to their successor. This includes registering new bank signatories when handing over the society bank accounts.

  • To prepare an annual financial report for the Annual General Meeting. The finances of a society need to be transparent to members.

  • To be the main point of contact with the SRC if the society applies for an SRC grant and ensure that all grant criteria are complied with.

  • Make sure no club/society money is loaned to members.

  • Make sure Reimbursements of Club Member are only made when a receipt has been supplied.

  • Don’t sign blank cheques.

Finance Subcommittee

As part of the Executive Committee, the Finance Subcommittee is in charge of preparing the annual budgets to present to the Representative Council for approval, setting ticket prices, organising sponsorships and partnerships (including creating the Prospectus), and ordering and delivering merchandise. 

Nathan Shan

Partnerships Director

Alessandro Demasi

Merchandise Director

Jacques Lombard


Historical financial documents

Each year as part of the process of affiliation to the University of Sydney Union, the Association provides the Union with the acquittal and report prepared by the Treasurer. 

In the interest of operational transparency for our members, these documents are accessible upon request to the Union, or can be found in the Association's archive. The most recent documents are as follows:

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